Monday, May 19, 2014

Workers Gang Dolly Minta Unplug CCTV and Stop "Sweeping"

Gang Dolly workers rally in front of the Village Office Putat Jaya , Jakarta, Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) , also demanded that all forms of intimidation in the brothel was discontinued .

Forms of intimidation they feel is the installation of CCTV and sweeping action .

" We have asked the local administration to immediately lift CCTV , and stop sweeping action by the security forces in Dolly because this is a form of intimidation to the citizens of localization , " said a spokesman for the United People's Movement elements , Slamet , which contributed to the rejection of closure Dolly action .
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According to Slamet , intimidation not only the shape of sweeping and installation of CCTV , but also throws the issues that call Dolly is a hotbed of drug .

" It obviously raises concerns for the citizens of localization . Having said that , we asked the local government immediately put an end to this intimidation , " he stressed .

Meanwhile , eight representatives of the protesters still have a dialogue with the sub-district and village chief Sawahan Putat Jaya in the village office . Massa could not wait for the results of the dialogue , as well as time to burn used tires and closed the two lanes of Hamlet Road Kupang .

This action could make Dolly workers jammed the area around the location of the demo . Dolly closing rally refuse workers conducted by the Dolly of commercial sex workers ( CSWs ) , pimps , dealers that are members of the regional localization Localization Workers Front ( FPL ) , and supported a number of elements of labor activists and a number of organizations .

They start the action from Gang Dolly , and walk toward the front of the Village Putat Jaya which is not far from the Gang Dolly .


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