Monday, March 31, 2014

Here's The New Rules Post-Tragedy Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd ( MAHB ) to tighten aviation security in the wake of MH370 . The pilot and copilot now should not be left alone in the cockpit , even when one of them go to the toilet or rest .
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Under the new rules , one of the cabin crew must be in the cockpit to pilot or co-pilot came back from the toilet . When bringing food into the cockpit , flight attendants are also required to keep a watch on the door to make sure no passengers entered the cockpit area ( see also : MH370 Not Awkward Conversations ) .

This rule dtuliskan in a circular signed by Captain Missman Leham , leader for aviation safety and human factors Malaysia Airlines . The circular provided to all crew , Monday, March 31, 2014 .

In addition to circular MAS , MAHB requires anyone taking international flights to pass through two metal detectors and examination of the entire body before boarding the plane . They are required to take off shoes , belts , jackets , and all electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops for separate scanning . Bottled drinking water is not allowed to be brought onboard .

United States , Britain , and Australia previously requested that security checks on all passengers flying to their countries improved ( see also : Possible Cause Loss of Malaysia Airlines ) .

MAHB also has extended the investigation to another international flight and have adopted the same list of prohibited items as implemented by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration .
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A MAS spokesman confirms that the airline has begun to increase security and improve monitoring procedures in its aircraft cabins . " However , for security purposes we can not openly discuss this procedure , " he said .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lively Birthday Celebration Indonesian Bird in Ternate

Lively Birthday Celebration Indonesian Bird in Ternate

Indonesian Bird Birthday Celebration 10th which falls on July 15 took place in the lively city of Ternate . The series of activities that enliven the event is an exhibition of photos , birdwatching , and public discussion raised the issue of " Conservation of Biodiversity in Lake Tolire " .
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The photo exhibition held on July 12 to 14 at Jarod Café featuring shots of wildlife around Lake Tolire . Photos shown include oysters eagle ( Pandion haliaetus ) , titihan lake ( Tachybaptus ruficollis ) and the estuarine crocodile ( Crocodilus porosus ) .

Saturday morning ( July 14 ) , do bird watching activities ( birdwatching ) in around Lake Tolire . This activity was followed by various stakeholders such as the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations , Natural Resources Conservation Agency ( BKSDA ) North Maluku , Central Park Aketajawe - Lolobata , environmentalists , and students . Some NGO activists such as Walhi , LML , and Pilas helped enliven the event.

From the observation , several species of birds have been identified is a white cockatoo ( Cacatua alba ) , cekakak blue - white ( Halcyon diops ) , parrot - beak - large coconut ( Tanygnathus megalorynchos ) , bee - eater australia ( Merops ornatus ) and titihan lake .

In the evening , an interactive discussion " Conserving Biodiversity in Lake Tolire " was held . The speakers are Ria Saryanthi ( Head of Indonesian Bird Conservation ) , Herman Oesman ( Lecturer of Sociology Fisip Um ) , A Malik Ibrahim ( Head of City Planning and Landscape City ternate ) , as well as representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations Ternate .

From the discussion it was revealed that Tolire storing biological wealth and in particular there are about 42 types of birds . This biological wealth has yet to receive the attention and management is good potential to be developed into a special interest such as bird watching .
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The discussion also touched Tolire lake management issues that must be addressed with regard to environmental sustainability and social welfare . Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations plans to make Lake Forest Park area Tolire as Folk ( Tahura ) whose management will involve the community . *


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know the Various Animal Species in Indonesia

Know the endangered species is not endless . Due to the decline in the population of animals living in Indonesia as a result of hunting and land clearing that was once the forest , then it makes the government and various environmental organizations and animal lovers to voice the protection of animals that are threatened with extinction . As a continuation of Understanding Various Animal Species in Indonesia ( 1 ) , but we are now going to review about a variety of endangered species in Indonesia the other .
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bird -footed embarrassment

Maluku fowl ( Eulipoa wallacei ) is not too familiar compared with animals that other rare , but the rate of extinction is already in alarming levels make these animals need rescue . This bird has a characteristic color is olive brown fur , the skin around the face pink , yellow beak grayish , fur bottom bluish gray , and the wings are dark red with gray tip . These animals can only be found in forests Maluku Islands and the island of Misool in West Papua .

kestrel dragonfly

The kestrel is the smallest carnivore in the world are also entered into the endangered animals . One of the kestrel bird species is the most popular dragonfly kestrel that has a small part , belong to the warm-blooded animals , and reproduce by laying eggs . He has a body size of 15 cm and the weight is only 35 grams .

black stork

Tom-tom black stork or heron is a bird that goes into Asia, particularly in Indochina , India and Indonesia . In Java , it is known by the name " sandanglawe " . With a black body except the lower part of the neck and white belly , the bird is also included in the endangered species in Indonesia . Black stork or also known as the tom-tom bird has a lifestyle that is different. Sometimes he lived alone , sometimes in pairs , and even groups.(see also: pakan burung kacer)

So is information about endangered species in Indonesia . Listen to continue our review next .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Most Popular Volcanoes in the World

MOUNTAIN volcano is dangerous, deadly eruptions. However, what is in the surrounding mountains as well as the story behind it so attractive as a tourist destination.
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Check out his review below, as quoted from Skyscanner:

Soufriere Hills, Montserrat
Monsterrat tropical island turns out to save 'time bomb' in the middle of its beauty, the Soufriere Hills lava dome. Since erupted in 1995, the mountain is still active and quite dangerous for the island, making Montserrat could no longer habitable.

Krakatau, Indonesia
The most powerful explosion today is the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in Italy in 1979 that destroyed Pompeii. Indonesia was also a 'Vesuvius' itself, ie Mount Krakatoa in 1883. The eruption of Krakatoa could be heard thousands of miles, and the smoke covered almost the entire surface of the Earth. The eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau now produce, which is still active and become tourist attractions.

Yellowstone Caldera, United States
Yellowstone Caldera called super volcano, but fortunately only erupted three times in the last two million years. Volcanic activity is quite threatening, but produces beautiful scenery of Yellowstone National Park.

Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion
Piton de la Fournaise is one of the five most active volcanoes in the world, which in the past eight years had four eruptions. The volcano is located in the Reunion Island, Indian Ocean, which was so beautiful made legendary footballer Zinedine Zidane has a house on the island.

Mount Fuji, Japan
Mount Fuji is one of the most popular peaks in the world, and an icon of Japan. Although active, did not experience the eruption of Mount Fuji since 1708, so it is quite safe to visit.

PHENOMENON volcano may sound scary, but also many who find him attractive. In fact, volcanoes often become tourist destinations.

Check out his review below, as quoted from Skyscanner:

Mount Bromo, Indonesia
Mount Bromo also turns out is one of the popular volcanoes in the world. The mountain is still active is near other volcanoes, and its activity is often increased when a nearby volcano erupted experience. However, it did not stop thousands of people visit Bromo.

Shishaldin, Alaska
The volcano has a height of 6,000 feet. Interestingly, although all parts of the volcano called peak covered with thick snow.

Popocatepetl, Mexico
Popocatepetl volcano that is enough to make anxious residents of Mexico City, the nearest town from the mountain. Volcanic activity is increasing in recent years and seems to be having erupted in the years to come.

Mount Kilauea, Hawaii,  ( see also: lomba burung 2014 )
Mountains are located on the Big Island, Hawaii, is claimed as the world's most active volcanoes. You can travel closer to the mountain to see the lava from the mountain top down to the ocean.

Mount Etna, Italy
Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe, but also attract many tourists. Tourists can easily explore the lava fields around Mt Etna, and entered the caves volkaniknya. But beware, do not get too close to the top of the mountain!