Friday, March 7, 2014

Know the Various Animal Species in Indonesia

Know the endangered species is not endless . Due to the decline in the population of animals living in Indonesia as a result of hunting and land clearing that was once the forest , then it makes the government and various environmental organizations and animal lovers to voice the protection of animals that are threatened with extinction . As a continuation of Understanding Various Animal Species in Indonesia ( 1 ) , but we are now going to review about a variety of endangered species in Indonesia the other .
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bird -footed embarrassment

Maluku fowl ( Eulipoa wallacei ) is not too familiar compared with animals that other rare , but the rate of extinction is already in alarming levels make these animals need rescue . This bird has a characteristic color is olive brown fur , the skin around the face pink , yellow beak grayish , fur bottom bluish gray , and the wings are dark red with gray tip . These animals can only be found in forests Maluku Islands and the island of Misool in West Papua .

kestrel dragonfly

The kestrel is the smallest carnivore in the world are also entered into the endangered animals . One of the kestrel bird species is the most popular dragonfly kestrel that has a small part , belong to the warm-blooded animals , and reproduce by laying eggs . He has a body size of 15 cm and the weight is only 35 grams .

black stork

Tom-tom black stork or heron is a bird that goes into Asia, particularly in Indochina , India and Indonesia . In Java , it is known by the name " sandanglawe " . With a black body except the lower part of the neck and white belly , the bird is also included in the endangered species in Indonesia . Black stork or also known as the tom-tom bird has a lifestyle that is different. Sometimes he lived alone , sometimes in pairs , and even groups.(see also: pakan burung kacer)

So is information about endangered species in Indonesia . Listen to continue our review next .


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