Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gerindra Report Accounts @ SamadAbraham to the Criminal Investigation

Gerindra make a report to the Police Criminal Investigation related to chirp on Twitter @ SamadAbraham . Chirp in the account is considered a smear campaign directed against presidential candidate , Prabowo .

" Yes , we will report on that account , " said attorney Gerindra , Mahendradatta , when contacted Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Mahendra reluctant to specify when asked about the substance of the report .
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He claimed to be explained after making a report . " It's yes , I want to make a report ," he said .

Previously , the account @ SamadAbraham issued pitched chirp that Prabowo attack . The account chirp as if to tell the public that the candidate would be a life-threatening Joko Widodo .

Accounts also mention that there is a presidential candidate who has very big ambitions for power and will do anything for the sake of ambition , including murder .

" With the delivery of the public like this , I hope Prabowo did not think anything of again to stop Joko Widodo became president , " wrote the account some time ago .
Currently , the account has been closed .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Agree Attend Meeting at Vatican

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Francis Pope accepts invitation to come to the Vatican , with the Pope in order to perform the prayer for peace .

Previously when speaking in Bethlehem , West Bank , on Sunday ( 25/5 ) , Pope Francis said " the time has come for everyone to be brave , honest and creative " so that we can end the " protracted conflict that has caused a lot of injuries " .
In Tel Aviv , Francis Pope was greeted by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before traveling to Jerusalem .

In Jerusalem , Pope Francis led the prayer service along with the leaders of the Orthodox Church in the Ecumenical Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem , the location of which is believed to Christians as the place where Jesus was crucified and buried .
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In the West Bank , the Roman Catholic leaders praised the good relations between the Holy See and what he describes as a " Palestinian state " . Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he had told the Pope that the Israeli force Francis Christians and Muslims out of Jerusalem .

Francis Pope also celebrated Mass in Manger Square Bethlehem - near the site that is believed to Christians as the birthplace of Jesus . Francis Pope then met Palestinian children in refugee camps Deheisheh .

Earlier on Saturday, Pope Francis has held talks with King Abdullah and for the first time to hear the plight of the refugees who fled from Iraq and Syria for their safety and are now living in camps in Jordan .

On Monday ( 26/5 ) Francis Pope is scheduled to meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . He will also visit the grave of national Israel - Mount Herzl - and the holocaust memorial - Yad Vashem .

Some previous pope always go to the West Bank after arriving in Tel Aviv - Israel . Francis Pope visitation schedule this time is seen as a symbolic approval of the Palestinian aspirations to have their own state .

The Pope's visit is only a few weeks after the last round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail to reach an agreement .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Twitter Testing Video Sharing Service

Failed to acquire Soundcloud , Twitter still has another weapon to win the hearts of its users . The weapon is a video sharing feature that will be introduced Twitter .

Currently the 140-character social networking is being tested reported new way to share videos . Such features are expected akna encourage more users to share videos .

Video sharing feature tested by Twitter called Recode ( 22/05/2014 ) assembled for easy included , displayed , and played with mobile devices .

This feature is similar to the one-click ability to playback video that used Twitter to sell video ads on its timeline .
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To try out this new video sharing feature , Twitter displays the movie trailer A Million Ways To Die In The West by director Seth McFlare , which also starred actress Charlize Theron .

Users may be able to search the video in Twitter for iOS or Android by using the hashtag # AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest

In addition to searching and playing videos , Twitter also share Attach button for each video you want to share via Twitter . Users simply press the Attach button , and then add the chirp you want to include with the video.

Could be, the Twitter business model targeting YouTube video -based or other social networks , such as Vine or Instagram .

However , you should keep in mind is , to provide video sharing service that could compete with YouTube , Twitter has struggled . Because besides expensive investment , how to earn money from this method is still difficult .

In addition , YouTube has been around a long time and has a user base grew in number .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Establishment of polling stations in the area Disallow Company, Four Astra Group Company Spotlight

Four palm oil company PT Astra Group's operations in North Mamuju , West Sulawesi got a big boost from 12 political parties participating in the election . This followed a ban from the company to the current Commission will establish polling stations ( TPS ) in four districts where it does business .

Initially , the Commission considered it easy for employees to use the company 's voting rights to build a TPS on company premises . However , due to the ban , thousands of residents who are employees of four companies that lose their voting rights .
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This was revealed ahead of a hearing which invited representatives of PT Astra Group in North Produktion district legislature , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . Meeting which was attended by representatives of 12 political parties that held off , because the company ' did not meet the four invitations Produktion Parliament . They simply send their staff to the House of Representatives , under the pretext of busyness .

Council members are also North Produktion Golkar secretary Saifuddin Baso emphatically reject the presence of the representative stated that the group astra .

Chairman of the Parliament of North Produktion , RM Yaumil as chairperson also states refused to hold a hearing , if PT Astra just send staff to the Council . Yaumil Astra urged to bring leadership Celebes area .

A representative of the Astra , Andi said parliament have answered the call , but was denied . " We attended the House but rejected the call because it is considered not representative , " said Andi , staff PT Letawa astra group .

KPU chairman Produktion north , Isaac Abraham said , since well before the legislative elections held the Commission has written to the company 's fourth . But until the election is over , the company did not respond .

According Yaumil , for whatever reason , in the next election can no longer be prohibited from PT Astra Group to set up polling stations in the region of their company . Tenure managed was just right to cultivate ( HGU ) , so they have no right to prohibit the state event .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Appeared in 2022 , 5G 1000 Times Faster Than 4G

LONDON - EE ( Everything Everywhere ) , an enterprise mobile network operator and internet service provider based in the UK , is conducting research to realize 5G service in 2022 .

Reported by the Telegraph , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) , the Company is headquartered in Hatfield claims that the 5G network is capable of transmitting data between 1000 to 5000 is stronger than the 3G and 4G now . So it will create an infinite capacity (infinite capacity) sufficient to provide data availability for any application .

Meanwhile , a number of latest mobile phones in the UK are now using the 4G network . This technology is just beginning to be implemented , because the scope and speed of a reliable data connection .
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There are approximately three million new people who sign up on the EE network operators , and the company is also currently developing 5G to adopt for the future . The introduction of these new technologies take a decade or 10 years to bring the network technology from research beginning to be realized .

Professor Andy Sulton said , 5G network will consist of a number of cells that support a top speed of between 10 and 100Gbps . The technology is also called ultra - low latency , which means the data will be retrieved dibadingkan 1-10 milliseconds faster with 4G , approximately 40-60 milliseconds .

In easier terms , that means if you used to watch streaming , will immediately begin without a long wait . So , if netters need data at 100Mbps to the needs of the ultra HD video streaming on a smartphone , it will be met by the network .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adolescents 15 Years of Cheap Ways to Develop HIV Testing

15 -year -old girl from York House School in Vancouver , Canada , Nicole Ticea , develop innovation attractive, inexpensive way HIV testing .

How cheap HIV test is needed because many people infected with HIV live in a place where inadequate testing facilities .

HIV testing in general , such as the ELISA method , determining the status of a person's positive or negative based on the detected antibodies .

However , Ticea different ways . The method developed Ticea determine someone's status based on the presence or absence of the HIV virus in the blood itself .

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To perform the test , users simply dripping blood on a chip . The test results will be available shortly afterwards . This test is only slightly more difficult than pregnancy tests .

Ticea developed a useful way to determine the status of a person as though his body has not produced antibodies . This method negates the window period .

In addition , the low cost , way too overcome Ticea developed based HIV testing for the presence or absence of virus that is costly and time consuming .

Test methods developed Ticea named Isothermic Nucleic Acid Amplification . Ticea collaboration with Simon Fraser University to develop it .

IFLScience.com site reported on Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) , Ticea became the first champion in the event Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge British Columbia region through innovation .

Next week , Ticea innovation will advance to the national level . When you win , Ticea will advance to the international competition in San Diego , United States .


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Designer Nokia PureView Move to Apple

Jakarta - Ari Partinen , the figure behind the stunning picture quality of Nokia PureView , no longer working at Nokia . Now he officially became one of the employees of Apple .

Partinen name is still rarely known , but who would have thought he was the ' brains ' behind the PureView technology that is widely used for a number of Nokia phones on them . Starting from Symbian phones 808 , Lumia 920 , 1020, and 1520.

Nokia PureView itself can be said to be one exciting technology for a mobile phone . Picture with the camera shots easier for users to be creative in zooming , reframing , cropping , editing , and resizing , without reducing the image quality .

The more interesting because thanks PureView phone camera sensor that measures just a quarter of a fingernail can store images up to 40 million pixels , the size even on a DSLR camera .

Apple is reportedly developing a similar technology called Mega - Pic , and it is not impossible Partinen who recently joined will be one of the ' caretaker ' of the camera technology .
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Partinen himself confirmed that he had worked at Apple , but does not mention what he would do in the Cupertino-based company , the United States , as quoted from TechCrunch , Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

National Human Rights Commission asked Mimika Regent solve conflicts Djayanti

Members of the National Commission on Human Rights ( Komnas HAM ) , Nurcholis asked officials Mimika Regent , Ausilius You actively resolve the conflict between two groups of people in the region Djayanti - Mayon , Kuala Kencana , which has claimed many lives .

" We will meet Mimika Regent to find a solution to the conflict between communities can be terminated immediately . If Mimika Regent ni can not resolve the conflict , we will provide a letter of reprimand , " said Nurcholis told reporters in Timika on Saturday .
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According to him , the long conflict between the citizens and the Dani tribe in the region Moni Djayanti Mayon has been going on since February and there is still no sign of coming to an end very alarming .

Because it is driven by a sense of concern , according to Nurcholis , the Commission specifically come to Timika to give a boost to the local district government to seek solutions to immediately put an end to the conflict.

Pursuant to the Law Commission , he said , the agency was given the authority to be able to give warning to every officer who judged unable to resolve social conflicts that occurred in the region .

During a visit to Timika , Nurcholis also meet the security forces who had been struggling to resolve conflicts in the region Djayanti - Mayon , traditional institutions Amungme and Kamoro ( LEMASA and LEMASKO ) and other interested parties .

From the initial reports received by the Commission , thus Nurcholis , conflict resolution Djayanti two groups of people in - Mayon , Kuala Kencana requires extra hard work . Because there are a number of parties who are not satisfied considering the loss of life of a group of them pretty much .

On Thursday ( 1/5 ) , Nurcholis also had the opportunity to meet with the head of the war ( waemum ) of both groups . The waemum stated their desire and intention to immediately reconciled .

" People Dani openly declared stance to stop the conflict . , But people do not agree with Moni tribe because many victims , so they want the government to intervene to resolve disputes that are currently disputed land , " explains Nurcholis .

Mimika Regent officials , Ausilius You said it had held a meeting with leaders of two warring parties to immediately end the conflict .

" There is no custom or religion that teaches its people to kill each other . Killers We're processed in accordance with the law , " said You.

Based on data obtained from PMI Mimika , during the last two days as many as a dozen people were injured when two groups clashed residents Djayanti back open using traditional weapons of war .

The wounded were evacuated to a hospital in Timika using PMI ambulance .

Both groups again clashed pascaterjadi a number of mysterious and brutal murders in Timika town within the past week that killed five people .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forbidden to Watch "Spiderman", Boy 5 Years Jump from Floor 19

Angry is not obeyed his parents to watch movies Spiderman , Valentino , 5 -year -old boy , desperate to end his life by jumping from the 19th floor of Tower B No. 28 Laguna Apartments , Pluit , Penjaringan , North Jakarta .

Valentino allegedly jumped from the window of his room on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) at around 12:00 .
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Networking Sector Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Suyudi U.S. said the incident began when the boy was bathed by Eva ( 24 ) , his mother . Valentino then asked to watch the movie Spiderman . However , his mother forbids her brother because he was busy taking care of .

As a result of his desire is not fulfilled , Paris School 's kindergarten students straight into the room and locked the door . Seeing his son locked the door , further Suyudi , the mother tried to open the door of her room , but not open . Eva also requested the assistance of mechanical apartment located on the second floor .

" On arrival at the 2nd floor apartment , her parents heard of people falling , then check the victim 's parents that their true victims , " said Suyudi .

Then, go Suyudi , Eva immediately ran to his son Pluit Hospital , but Valentino has died .

When the poor boy had been taken to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) in Central Jakarta for post mortem and autopsy . Until now the police have done a check and the crime scene and examine witnesses . Police will also continue to explore and investigate whether there is intentional or not .