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Lively Birthday Celebration Indonesian Bird in Ternate

Lively Birthday Celebration Indonesian Bird in Ternate

Indonesian Bird Birthday Celebration 10th which falls on July 15 took place in the lively city of Ternate . The series of activities that enliven the event is an exhibition of photos , birdwatching , and public discussion raised the issue of " Conservation of Biodiversity in Lake Tolire " .
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The photo exhibition held on July 12 to 14 at Jarod Café featuring shots of wildlife around Lake Tolire . Photos shown include oysters eagle ( Pandion haliaetus ) , titihan lake ( Tachybaptus ruficollis ) and the estuarine crocodile ( Crocodilus porosus ) .

Saturday morning ( July 14 ) , do bird watching activities ( birdwatching ) in around Lake Tolire . This activity was followed by various stakeholders such as the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations , Natural Resources Conservation Agency ( BKSDA ) North Maluku , Central Park Aketajawe - Lolobata , environmentalists , and students . Some NGO activists such as Walhi , LML , and Pilas helped enliven the event.

From the observation , several species of birds have been identified is a white cockatoo ( Cacatua alba ) , cekakak blue - white ( Halcyon diops ) , parrot - beak - large coconut ( Tanygnathus megalorynchos ) , bee - eater australia ( Merops ornatus ) and titihan lake .

In the evening , an interactive discussion " Conserving Biodiversity in Lake Tolire " was held . The speakers are Ria Saryanthi ( Head of Indonesian Bird Conservation ) , Herman Oesman ( Lecturer of Sociology Fisip Um ) , A Malik Ibrahim ( Head of City Planning and Landscape City ternate ) , as well as representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations Ternate .

From the discussion it was revealed that Tolire storing biological wealth and in particular there are about 42 types of birds . This biological wealth has yet to receive the attention and management is good potential to be developed into a special interest such as bird watching .
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The discussion also touched Tolire lake management issues that must be addressed with regard to environmental sustainability and social welfare . Department of Agriculture and Forestry Plantations plans to make Lake Forest Park area Tolire as Folk ( Tahura ) whose management will involve the community . *


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