Monday, March 31, 2014

Here's The New Rules Post-Tragedy Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd ( MAHB ) to tighten aviation security in the wake of MH370 . The pilot and copilot now should not be left alone in the cockpit , even when one of them go to the toilet or rest .
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Under the new rules , one of the cabin crew must be in the cockpit to pilot or co-pilot came back from the toilet . When bringing food into the cockpit , flight attendants are also required to keep a watch on the door to make sure no passengers entered the cockpit area ( see also : MH370 Not Awkward Conversations ) .

This rule dtuliskan in a circular signed by Captain Missman Leham , leader for aviation safety and human factors Malaysia Airlines . The circular provided to all crew , Monday, March 31, 2014 .

In addition to circular MAS , MAHB requires anyone taking international flights to pass through two metal detectors and examination of the entire body before boarding the plane . They are required to take off shoes , belts , jackets , and all electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops for separate scanning . Bottled drinking water is not allowed to be brought onboard .

United States , Britain , and Australia previously requested that security checks on all passengers flying to their countries improved ( see also : Possible Cause Loss of Malaysia Airlines ) .

MAHB also has extended the investigation to another international flight and have adopted the same list of prohibited items as implemented by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration .
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A MAS spokesman confirms that the airline has begun to increase security and improve monitoring procedures in its aircraft cabins . " However , for security purposes we can not openly discuss this procedure , " he said .

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