Sunday, May 18, 2014

Appeared in 2022 , 5G 1000 Times Faster Than 4G

LONDON - EE ( Everything Everywhere ) , an enterprise mobile network operator and internet service provider based in the UK , is conducting research to realize 5G service in 2022 .

Reported by the Telegraph , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) , the Company is headquartered in Hatfield claims that the 5G network is capable of transmitting data between 1000 to 5000 is stronger than the 3G and 4G now . So it will create an infinite capacity (infinite capacity) sufficient to provide data availability for any application .

Meanwhile , a number of latest mobile phones in the UK are now using the 4G network . This technology is just beginning to be implemented , because the scope and speed of a reliable data connection .
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There are approximately three million new people who sign up on the EE network operators , and the company is also currently developing 5G to adopt for the future . The introduction of these new technologies take a decade or 10 years to bring the network technology from research beginning to be realized .

Professor Andy Sulton said , 5G network will consist of a number of cells that support a top speed of between 10 and 100Gbps . The technology is also called ultra - low latency , which means the data will be retrieved dibadingkan 1-10 milliseconds faster with 4G , approximately 40-60 milliseconds .

In easier terms , that means if you used to watch streaming , will immediately begin without a long wait . So , if netters need data at 100Mbps to the needs of the ultra HD video streaming on a smartphone , it will be met by the network .


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