Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forbidden to Watch "Spiderman", Boy 5 Years Jump from Floor 19

Angry is not obeyed his parents to watch movies Spiderman , Valentino , 5 -year -old boy , desperate to end his life by jumping from the 19th floor of Tower B No. 28 Laguna Apartments , Pluit , Penjaringan , North Jakarta .

Valentino allegedly jumped from the window of his room on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) at around 12:00 .
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Networking Sector Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Suyudi U.S. said the incident began when the boy was bathed by Eva ( 24 ) , his mother . Valentino then asked to watch the movie Spiderman . However , his mother forbids her brother because he was busy taking care of .

As a result of his desire is not fulfilled , Paris School 's kindergarten students straight into the room and locked the door . Seeing his son locked the door , further Suyudi , the mother tried to open the door of her room , but not open . Eva also requested the assistance of mechanical apartment located on the second floor .

" On arrival at the 2nd floor apartment , her parents heard of people falling , then check the victim 's parents that their true victims , " said Suyudi .

Then, go Suyudi , Eva immediately ran to his son Pluit Hospital , but Valentino has died .

When the poor boy had been taken to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) in Central Jakarta for post mortem and autopsy . Until now the police have done a check and the crime scene and examine witnesses . Police will also continue to explore and investigate whether there is intentional or not .


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