Thursday, May 22, 2014

Establishment of polling stations in the area Disallow Company, Four Astra Group Company Spotlight

Four palm oil company PT Astra Group's operations in North Mamuju , West Sulawesi got a big boost from 12 political parties participating in the election . This followed a ban from the company to the current Commission will establish polling stations ( TPS ) in four districts where it does business .

Initially , the Commission considered it easy for employees to use the company 's voting rights to build a TPS on company premises . However , due to the ban , thousands of residents who are employees of four companies that lose their voting rights .
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This was revealed ahead of a hearing which invited representatives of PT Astra Group in North Produktion district legislature , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . Meeting which was attended by representatives of 12 political parties that held off , because the company ' did not meet the four invitations Produktion Parliament . They simply send their staff to the House of Representatives , under the pretext of busyness .

Council members are also North Produktion Golkar secretary Saifuddin Baso emphatically reject the presence of the representative stated that the group astra .

Chairman of the Parliament of North Produktion , RM Yaumil as chairperson also states refused to hold a hearing , if PT Astra just send staff to the Council . Yaumil Astra urged to bring leadership Celebes area .

A representative of the Astra , Andi said parliament have answered the call , but was denied . " We attended the House but rejected the call because it is considered not representative , " said Andi , staff PT Letawa astra group .

KPU chairman Produktion north , Isaac Abraham said , since well before the legislative elections held the Commission has written to the company 's fourth . But until the election is over , the company did not respond .

According Yaumil , for whatever reason , in the next election can no longer be prohibited from PT Astra Group to set up polling stations in the region of their company . Tenure managed was just right to cultivate ( HGU ) , so they have no right to prohibit the state event .


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