Saturday, May 3, 2014

National Human Rights Commission asked Mimika Regent solve conflicts Djayanti

Members of the National Commission on Human Rights ( Komnas HAM ) , Nurcholis asked officials Mimika Regent , Ausilius You actively resolve the conflict between two groups of people in the region Djayanti - Mayon , Kuala Kencana , which has claimed many lives .

" We will meet Mimika Regent to find a solution to the conflict between communities can be terminated immediately . If Mimika Regent ni can not resolve the conflict , we will provide a letter of reprimand , " said Nurcholis told reporters in Timika on Saturday .
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According to him , the long conflict between the citizens and the Dani tribe in the region Moni Djayanti Mayon has been going on since February and there is still no sign of coming to an end very alarming .

Because it is driven by a sense of concern , according to Nurcholis , the Commission specifically come to Timika to give a boost to the local district government to seek solutions to immediately put an end to the conflict.

Pursuant to the Law Commission , he said , the agency was given the authority to be able to give warning to every officer who judged unable to resolve social conflicts that occurred in the region .

During a visit to Timika , Nurcholis also meet the security forces who had been struggling to resolve conflicts in the region Djayanti - Mayon , traditional institutions Amungme and Kamoro ( LEMASA and LEMASKO ) and other interested parties .

From the initial reports received by the Commission , thus Nurcholis , conflict resolution Djayanti two groups of people in - Mayon , Kuala Kencana requires extra hard work . Because there are a number of parties who are not satisfied considering the loss of life of a group of them pretty much .

On Thursday ( 1/5 ) , Nurcholis also had the opportunity to meet with the head of the war ( waemum ) of both groups . The waemum stated their desire and intention to immediately reconciled .

" People Dani openly declared stance to stop the conflict . , But people do not agree with Moni tribe because many victims , so they want the government to intervene to resolve disputes that are currently disputed land , " explains Nurcholis .

Mimika Regent officials , Ausilius You said it had held a meeting with leaders of two warring parties to immediately end the conflict .

" There is no custom or religion that teaches its people to kill each other . Killers We're processed in accordance with the law , " said You.

Based on data obtained from PMI Mimika , during the last two days as many as a dozen people were injured when two groups clashed residents Djayanti back open using traditional weapons of war .

The wounded were evacuated to a hospital in Timika using PMI ambulance .

Both groups again clashed pascaterjadi a number of mysterious and brutal murders in Timika town within the past week that killed five people .


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