Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Angry He Ahok Compare and Ganjar

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki ' Ahok ' Tjahaja Purnama is often highlighted as a strong statement issued on his men . Although often criticized , claimed the action Ahok nothing compared to the anger expression Ganjar Pranowo Governor of Central Java .

" So if someone said I was not polite and courteous , not ethical , well now a Ganjar resent to shake - goyangin ( body ) person . I ( upset ) do not get so loh , touching the body of civil servants , " said Ahok told reporters at City Hall , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .
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According Ahok , depraved individual civil state apparatus is sometimes very outrageous . So it 's no wonder , Ganjar are usually known to calm and rarely angry rampage when Sidak , last weekend .

" I just want the love of picture just right . If people used to say I was rude and grumpy . Nah , a known Ganjar be polite and patient eventually run out of patience , it is also angry . This means that our bureaucracy oknumnya indeed make people upset . elements in the bureaucracy sometimes outrageous , "added Ahok .

Ahok himself admitted that he did not want anymore raging - ballistic face his men . It is never dibilangnya thanks to the legacy of science Jokowi . " I 've really fine now . He- he-he , " he joked .

Former Regent Pacific East added that he knows Ganjar since they served as representatives of the people . In fact they had time to sit in the House of Representatives Commission II and together compose the State Civil Reform Act . Dilapidated bureaucratic problems , said he could not yet explicitly addressed because there is no PP of the ASN Act .

" The biggest obstacle ( reforming bureaucracy ) yes we wait for the PP . If it is signed by the president , we 've been able to more firmly on individual civil servants was wrong , " he said .


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