Sunday, April 20, 2014

Agus Marto accused So Prickly Acquisition BTN

The employees of the State Savings Bank ( BTN ) accused the Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo were behind the proposed acquisition of the bank against the bank .

According to them , Agus Marto and State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan is the actor behind the plan to sell 60 percent stake to the Independent BTN .

" As a former Managing Director of Mandiri , Agus had to raise the bank 's interests . He wants to raise the Bank BTN but deadly , " said Chairman of the Trade Union branch BTN Harmony Jakarta , Alfian while giving a speech in front of thousands of his fellow employees BTN , the demonstration sense , in BTN Tower , Jakarta , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) .

In addition to Dahlan and Agus Alfian also pointed Director of the bank, Maryono . According to him , such as Agus , Maryono also served as the bank officials . In fact, he accuses , Agus was the most instrumental in the appointment as supreme leader BTN Maryono the end of 2012 .

At that time , Agus still served as Minister of Finance . " The appointment of a close relation to Agus Maryono Martowardojo . So the real key to the problem is not just Dahlan Iskan , but also Maryono and Agus Martowardojo , " he said .
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In the demonstration , which was centered in the yard of their office , demonstrators wearing black clothes . They carried banners that read the rejection of the proposed acquisition , including " Acquisition = Capitalist = Occupiers " , " Save BTN " , and " Acquisition of Neo - Liberalism is " .


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