Thursday, April 17, 2014

Discover violations, KIP ​​Members Receive SMS Assassination Threat

Nurchlis Sastro activists Independent Election Monitoring Committee ( KIPP ) Lebong regency , Bengkulu , said she and other members of KIPP get terror via SMS . It contained , threat of murder .

Nurcholis admitted receiving the message on his cell phone on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) , at 15:38 pm . Text message that comes from the number 0822804523801 which contains , sir , in the District Lebong not too meddling affairs within this Pileg . Because our affairs . If we fail to elect his business lives. remember that!

A similar message was also received other KIPP members , Melky .

Nurcholis suspect there are those who feel threatened by the discovery of related KIPP 2014 legislative elections . On 12 April 2014 , KIPP mengungap Lebong District 19 findings election violations committed by candidates , unscrupulous officials , and election organizers .

Of the 19 findings that offense , 13 of which unscrupulous local officials who use the facility for a winning candidate 's wife , son Lebong district officials . Meanwhile , six other findings that candidates use money politics during elections .

" We look at Lebong District Pilleg disability law for violating Law No. 8 of 2012 . I can not confirm from where the SMS that threat , " said Nurchlios , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

In a press release , KIPP also criticized the performance of the District Oversight Committee Lebong not swiftly respond to any reports of election violations of many parties .

Although she can not guess which party is sending SMS , Nurcholis suspect the threat comes from the successful candidates or teams who do not want to see clean elections .

" If the terror threat continues, on Monday I will ask for the security and report to the police , " he said .
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Previously , KIPP also had to report to the local Panwas 50 motorcycle -related assistance to the imam of Lebong district budget , with a record of the priests chose a particular candidate . KIPP is a committee of independent election observers who are members of the Anti- Money Politics Movement ( GAPU ) in the GAPU incorporated many elements of independent election monitors as students , organizations and the Indonesian Corruption Watch .


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