Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egyptian Militant Group Threatens to Attack Pepsi

Egyptian militant group , Ansar Bayt al - Maqdis who later claimed masterminded a bomb attack that targeted mainly police and military , now has another target .

The group said it plans to attack the soft drink company Pepsi Co. because the car company that once used the Egyptian Interior Ministry to transport prisoners .
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" You know who we are and what we can do , " said Ansar Bayt al - Maqdis via his Twitter account .

" This is the last warning and after this , Pepsi Co. could only blame themselves . Sake of God , we will not tolerate anyone who cooperated with the police , " the group added .

In March, the Egyptian social media users were surprised by a videotape showing a police car painted with the emblem of Coca - cola .

The video showed a disguised van that is normally used to transport prisoners . The video received a response from Coca - Cola that confirms the car does not belong to the soft drink company .

At that time , Coca - Cola also confirmed not give permission regarding the use of its logo on the vehicle or the Egyptian government-owned facilities .

So far it is not clear why the Egyptian Interior Ministry had to disguise his prisoner cars . And also not clear whether the video is linked to the threat of Bayt al - Maqdis Ansar , because Pepsi and Coca - Cola are two different companies .


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