Monday, April 14, 2014

CPC Call Pigeons Poor Management, Dahlan: That Since Past

Jakarta - Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) released the results of an audit of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines ( Persero ) . CPC judging error occurred in management and business planning in Pigeons by management . As a result, the debt burden continues to swell .

Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan confirmed the results of the audit , the fact that management errors have occurred long ago .

" That was a long time ago , " said Dahlan in the Ministry of Enterprise , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Dahlan commenting CPC recommendation stating the airline 's yellow tail must be maintained to serve the Indonesian connectivity . " I can also suggest like that , " he explained .
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When asked what will happen next Pigeons , whether closed or saved ? Former boss admits PLN will follow the decisions and outcomes of the restructuring and revitalization programs run Asset Management Company ( PPA ) .

" Pigeons up ," he explained .

On that occasion , Dahlan also commented Pigeons plans to fly the route Medan - Jeddah Umrah . He considered that the strategic and potentially become a source of income for Pigeons . Proven Garuda will open direct flights from Jakarta to Jeddah .

" It means that Garuda flight route was open , meaning that once the concept Merpati not wrong . Kan used to assess the concept that there is not good , well, if it means the concept fly Garuda was good then," he explained .


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