Sunday, April 13, 2014

Not important: UN Jokowi value, which is important Honest

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said he did not target the percentage passing the National Examination ( UN ) in 2014 . Importantly , male and female students in Jakarta do the problems honestly .

"I know all of it . UN did what it is , honestly . I never target passing rate , " he said at City Hall , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Jokowi sure , Jakarta Education Agency has been prepared on the implementation of the UN in 2014 . So far , he claimed to have not received reports of problems in the field , either a report about the cheating or the distribution of matter that is not good .

Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said similar things . It does not focus on the same target graduation . He said he is more focused on the reception curriculum from teacher to student . In addition , character education is also embedded .

Since the beginning of March 2014 and sworn in , Lasro collect all the principal and education officer . Lasro have told them the core of education , namely how to not only requires students only about the value .

" For example, the CCTV yes . Yeah What to wear ? I agree if I own that I control , not CCTV . Was still just a complement . , But no inner eye , the eye of mind . That's what we plant , " said Lasro .

If goodness is already embedded , Lasro sure the values ​​of the students will be fueled by itself .
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UN this year followed by 6,939,605 students in Indonesia with details of SMP / MTs and SMPLB many as 3,779,359 , SMA / MA and SMALB many as 1,644,352 , SMK / MAK many as 1,184,744 , Package B / Wustha as many as 128 623 and Package C as many as 202 527 . Unlike the previous year , to graduation there are differences in the composition of the value of school .


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