Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ensure Arrival Google Android Phone Assembled

The biggest innovation in the smart phone industry , namely mobile assemblies can be replaced hardware components , will soon greet customers . Google as a developer of mobile assembly scheduled to begin selling the product in January 2015.

This was disclosed in a conference Google Ara Project application developers in Mountain View , Calif. , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) . The basis of the mobile device assembly was called " Gray Phone " in which already contained the display component , battery , processor , and Wi- Fi module .

Ara Project team leader , said Paul Eremenko , Gray Phone will be sold for 50 dollars . While other components of the module , will be sold separately and will be available in the market .

Users can buy another component modules to build a phone that suits your needs . According to PCWorld report , the size of the module is made according to standards which have been set Google .

For pricing terms of components , will be handed over to the company that manufactures the module components . Eremenko wanted ecosystem (hardware ) to be assembled rapidly growing mobile ecosystem such as software ( software ) on Android . This is seen to increase the competitiveness of industry hardware components .

In April 2015 , Eremenko targeting other companies are able to develop components for mobile hardware assemblies .

In terms of operating system , Google will think that Android can support hardware component drivers are available for mobile assemblies . Making Android can support hardware drivers Eremenko recognized as a serious challenge , but he was optimistic that it could be realized in December 2014 .

" It is true that Android does not support dynamic hardware at this time, " said Eremenko . " The good news is that we are Google , " he added , to laughter from the audience.

Ara Project team that developed Google assemblies mobile division is under the Advanced Technology and Projects ( ATAP ) previously owned by Motorola Mobility .

After Google agreed to sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo in January 2014 , the division did not participate ROOF sold and is now held by Google . Now the division is led by Regina Dugan .
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ROOF will continue to conduct research and development of technology for Google . In the future get a chance Lenovo licensing rights to the technology developed by ROOF .


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